NEW BOTS!! again! Ooo..fantastic! thanks to NOKOLIA wonderful ideas..cute creations. so check em' out.

cute eh? visit NOKOLIA and oh...sign up for the JOOBOT FORUMS. en let us kno..wutz on your mind. ^__^ thanks to Kuri new link button! yey!!


you might wanna check out the new JOOBOT FORUMS sign up now!


STAFF HIRING click the staff link for info. thanks. im planning to put a message board for the joobot website. anyone knows a good FREE message board? please let me know.sign the guestbook,email me or whatever. ^_^


finally!!! new layout! STILL UNDERCONSTRUCTION. i havnt posted the new bots yet. imma post em up later. ope you guys like it. gimme sum feedback. cus i think i don have my webbor skills nemore..HAHAHA! finally, i gotz the chance to update this site..fter..a long long long time of bein idle.but..i wont be able to update this site as often as i used to,.cus..y'see il be so busy wit school n stuff.(college is hard y'kno). i wil only prolly update this site once a month..or mebee a few times a week.depends on my schedule.>_<; i decided to update the site cus i kno loads of people are waiting for the release of the new bots. im sorry ta all the people who donated sum bots..and i wasnt able ta put em all up as soon as possible. is the day! the site update of the joobot website. thanks to all the people who donated their werk. mwahmwah.
much luv, jole